My Frustrating Journey Into Instagram Hack Land

Early in December, my instagram account was hijacked, with someone claiming my site as their own.  

My name was clearly on the images…

My name was clearly on the images…

When I tried to go on, I was logged out, and a new email was on the account, a Jazmin Kajigore. I got no notice from Instagram that my email was changed, and now this imposter was posing as me, claiming all my artwork as their own.

After much research I found that thousands of people are having their Instagram accounts hacked in this manner in the past year. The hackers seem to originate from Russia.  There is speculation that Russia is gearing up for our next election, and will be using these accounts to post divisive opinions when the presidential race is going full steam.

Instagram would not migrate my account back to me, even though I supplied all the proof they asked for. I never got ahold of a real person, only their answer bots, which just circled around the same tired “solutions.” In the end, I was able to regain my account name terri_murphy_illustrations as a new account….empty.  No postings, followers or following.  The Jazmin Kajigore account was deleted.  

 Now I have to rebuild from scratch.  

After the Russian meddling scandal using Facebook (who owns Instagram) to disrupt our 2017 Presidential elections, it seems that keeping on top of things is a low priority for them. It causes people to distrust what they see and question with suspicion. Russia wins. I shudder to think how it’s going to be amped up in the coming years as the next presidential election process unfolds.

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