School Visits End, Creative Summer Begins!

The end of the school year is a time for a little fun.  Last month, I was grateful to Drexel School in Cicero, IL, for including me in their Reading Rodeo.  Often schools focus on inviting authors to speak, and it may pass their radar that illustrators tell stories visually.  Creating a story for an illustrator is akin to making movies, using a limited number of still shots.


I also will confess to having a secret weapon for school visits…the coolest mascot in the world.  A light-up chameleon!  Just like in the book I illustrated, “One Day I Went Rambling,” the chameleon changes to the color to the kid with the most creative thought.  We play creativity games, and viola!, the chameleon shines its stamp of approval!

The best keepsake for me is the surprise thank you cards in the mail….

Summer starts for me with a project of my own…creating a dummy book for one of my picture book manuscripts titled “Stella Can’t Wait” in time for the SCBWI LA conference in July.

Are you ready for a creative summer?  So am I !!  The chameleon is lighting up all over the place!