Children's book illustrator Terri Murphy has Halloween Fever and it shows, in the Oct 2010 issue of Spider Magazine for Children

I’ve got Halloween fever.  It started back in April when I was assigned a double page spread in Spider “Old Ogre” deck of cut-apart  playing cards. Terri-Murphy-1

And as always, I try to stick a little humor in. Terri Murphy 2


Illustrating monsters, ghouls and halloween characters is great fun.  It’s the little girl in me, playing dress up....except now I’m fashion coordinator for Frankenstein, a witch, or a skeleton.  “Old Ogre” is a matching pair game, so I wanted each “pose” to be distinct from the other, yet have them engaging in an action to show personality.  A pirate touts his found treasure, a flower unravels the mummy, a ghost falls in love with a distant moon.

Just finished another illustration for Spider Magazine, which will be in their March 2011 for a poem called “Pajama Polka,” with flying dancing nightclothes.

 Some other exciting things in the works, but too early to talk about them now.  Stay tuned...