I love connecting with children.

For the past year and a half I’ve been holding art workshops for kids at area libraries...sometimes a single session and sometimes a series of workshops.  Each workshop focuses on either a  theme, a technique, or an artist.  I try to make work environments creatively stimulating, with work stations in the round, selected music in the background and an open casual format. And right when we think it can’t get any better, I break out the Oreos!

In the photo above, the theme was Op Art Portraits and the artist presented was Victor Vasarely.  We focused on hot and cold colors and how to make colors pop, or recede if you so choose, just by their relation to each other.  Each workshop lasts 90 minutes. The beginning is a short power point presentation introducing the artist or technique, and a step-by-step demonstration of the project. 

Above is a power point presentation on a workshop called Print Station.  Kids drew an image, transferred it  to a styrofoam tray, and embossed it with a pencil or wooden dowel.  They applied black or white paint with a roller and pressed the styrofoam to paper to form their printed image.

 Here are the Young Artists Workshops I’m currently facilitating...and I’m always adding!

Under the Sea Batik

Aboriginal Dream Painting


Op Art Portraits

Print Station

Mexican Sun,  Embossed Foil Art

Creating Mood with Sculpture

The Peace Quilt

Mondrian Animals

Street Scene Collage

Up-Close Portraits (art of Chuck Close)

Currently working on: writing a Valentines Day picture book story

       a drawing a day (a New Year's resolution)