UnsolveD MysterY

The lovely thing about mystery is that unsolved ones keep wandering around in your brain.


In 2006, I received my first piece of fan mail...from a man who saw an illustration of mine at a New York Children's Book conference gallery.  He wrote me, asking about purchase of a print, saying that piece had a tremendous effect on him, for reasons he may disclose to me one day. Here is part of the painting, from a story I was writing.


I sent him the print, along with what inspired me during the painting of it.  He never received it, so I sent another.  That one arrived fine.

He went on to tell me that he owned a kayak shop in  New Jersey, and was about to embark on a 14 day trip paddling the waters around Greece.  That's the last I ever heard from him. I often picture him in paddling the crystal blue Aegean Sea, tanned and laughing, wet with golden glints of ocean spray. And I wonder what it was that he connected with so strongly in the art of a little girl looking wistfully to the sky.  I also wonder who got the lost package of art and inspiration.  And if that had a synchronicity in their life.

Ultimately, I like not knowing...wondering and wandering are just fine with me.

working on: relaxing!  Just finished illustrating Dance Y'all Dance, a picture book due out in Fall '09.  Off to Florida Keys to see the sis, play in the ocean....