BIG bear's BIRTHday


Just received my advanced issue of LadyBug Magazine, May/June ‘09, wherein I have a spread of illustrations for a story, “Big Bear and Skinny Rabbit” by Kathleen Stevens.  An amusing tale about a birthday gift Rabbit gives Bear--a hammock.  Bear is thrilled and grateful, then proceeds to figure out more and better ways to enhance the hammock experience. Rabbit happily obliges again,

and again,
and again...

until it finally dawns on Bear that one thing is still missing....

On the writing side of things, I just won 2nd Place in a writing contest for a short story--“Remembering Basha” ...a coming-of-age tale about a Polish girl and her relationship to her doll.  My mom went through her albums and coincidentally found a photo of said doll and Polish girl:


You can read more about the contest, and find “Remembering Basha” in a sidebar link here:

Currently working on: paintings for “Dance Y’all Dance” picturebook wherein everyone dances, go figure!