Groundhog Day and Cowboys

      Remember the movie with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell where each day repeats the exact events from the day before? Groundhog Day. That’s how my illustrating life has been the past month or so.  Squeezed by a tight deadline, I basically painted non-stop for 30+ days to finish a 24-page picture book.  Paint, sleep, paint, the end I was wild eyed and mumbling, my fingernails yellowed and grown to enormous lengths.  Ironically, Groundhog’s day fell somewhere in there.  The only shadows I saw were my own, slogging off to bed at 3 a.m.   
      Here’s a character from that picture book about a dog and his boy.  Visual inspiration courtesy of a friends’ pup...the puppy they got after they said they would never get another dog.  The pup had different ideas...
      Started layouts for a picture book called Dance Y’all Dance, a lighthearted story about a raucous family-friendly Texas dance hall in the 1930’s, Kelly Bennett-author, Bright Sky Press-publisher.  Goin’ through my pics and imagination for raucous, family-friendly  dancin’ cowboys and careful, I might just put a stetson on you!  Here’s the cover, which had to be done prior to the innards (I’m already talkin’ cowboy!), for promo purposes...   Yeehaw!DanceCoverBlog

currently drawing:  Dance Y’all Dance layouts
currently writing:  2 short stories for inclusion in a themed anthology