sPaCeS and pLaCeS

    Thought I’d give a tour of my favorite spaces and places for creating.  Starts out with my studio, a.k.a. “the cocoon,”...Studio1 Studio3 Studio2 organized chaos of inspiration, art samples, books, music, found treasures, and toys,... especially these squishy lizards toy designer Liz Dubois gave me.  When stretched, twisted and twirled, they help make my fuzzy caterpillar brain turn into butterflies.Studio4

    Studio B (for basement) is a cleared out corner with curtained walls.  Purely for play and experimentation. Currently working in oils, I’m doing a copy painting by one of my mentor artists, Claude Langevin, a Canadian painter in the tradition of The Group of Seven.  He has great color sense and simplicity of vision.StudioB

    As an artist and a writer, it’s tempting to spin another cocoon for the writing portion and just plop in front of a computer.  So I go out.  Favorite places to write are coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, and this place....I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it....Kouks
...a vintage resale and coffee shop!!  My two favorite things, housed together, brought a tear to my eye as I drove past it...squealed a u-turn, pulled over...walked in...the Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” was playing.  I said “I could live here!”  Georgia, owner and kindred spirit, said, “So could I.” A great place to write, research, eavesdrop, visit ancient resident ghosts, have a cappuccino,...complete with Georgia’s lovely mother who rocks in the sun and reads. She speaks only Greek yet somehow, everyone understands.

    Lastly, the great outdoors, kept alive in a sketchbook.  Variety abounds, always surrounds, always there, waiting to be fuzzy caterpillars into butterflies.

currently painting: b & w children’s art, a promo Christmas card
currently writing:  a humorous short story “The Snowy Mammoth,” & poetry