Welcome to the Waves...

Happy Independence Day, America!

And in that independent spirit, I free myself from the fear of blogging.  I was sure I’d never do it, never post publicly as I still have nervous quirks and tics from the post-traumatic invasion disorder the time my parents broke into my diary for evidence of some kind.  Call me a pack rat or just sentimental...as I’ve saved my diaries from when I was ages 12 through 16, locks scuffed and nicked from bent hairpins.  I was going to transcribe some pages, but after reading and refreshing my memory a bit, I think my parents were on to something. 

So put your hairpins down and in future blogs I’ll share a behind the scenes look at illustrating for children, some step-by-step progressions, and unabashedly reveal a few creative attempts that went from table to trashcan.  I’ll present my favorite children’s authors and illustrators, try out new creative techniques, and share the journey to get my first trade picture book published in both words and art, a long and winding road I continue to trek.

Here are a couple of character sketches from the story I Velmakev_4
created that is currently making the rounds with
publishers...about ghouls and an approaching storm cloud.
It was only after I drew the entire scene that I realized
Velma the Vampire and my son have an eerily similar look
to them, captured in this photo when he was 6 pretending
to be a dinosaur hatchling. Funny what lurks and hovers in
the recesses of our minds!

“Mermaid Waves”  I titled this blog after a lyric I once heard in a siren song of the sea.  I like the double meaning of waves...so I absconded with the 2 words and claimed them for myself, which is perfectly acceptable according the the muse handbook....

Welcome, and I hope you visit often.

Terri Murphy