Illustrator school visits by Terri Murphy are geared for kindergarten through grade 8.

Let's Go Rambling!

Terri Murphy brings the concept of "rambling" into schools and libraries with her newest picture book, "One Day I Went Rambling."

It's the story of Zane, an imaginative scavenger boy who finds magic in ordinary things. At first his friends don't understand his weird ways, but eventually their curiosity overcomes their doubt and they join in the fun.  Together, they pool their finds to build something fantastic!

Terri shows how an illustrator takes an author's words and visually builds a world around them.  Children will see how art can be used to communicate a story more powerfully.  Just like a cinematographer, an illustrator considers characterization, angles, scale, mood lighting, color and cropping to deliver the story.

Then it's time for everyone to go "rambling" and find the magic in a live demonstration.  Watch a drawing become a fully inked illustration right before your very eyes!

Writing with Pictures

A presentation geared specifically for writers of every age, we explore where ideas come from, how to build stories by visualizing them, and how to use our imaginations to come up with several story directions before we chose one.  Writing with words and writing with pictures are two sides of the same coin, and Terri will play an imagination game with pictures that will spark a variety of stories.

Children will be invited to write using the visualization techniques, and we will hear and critique the stories as a group.  This is an fun and interactive presentation that will let the children shine!

Presentations up to 1 hour

Live demo!

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